'Jesus answered them, and said, My doctrine is not mine, but his that sent me,'


To encourage each other to glorify God and grow His kingdom by living and teaching His truth in the world.

The doctrine that Jesus brought from his Father was just his simple teachings, an expression of the Father’s will. The doctrine was never meant to be an intellectual exercise, but rather something to live and put into daily practice. We have had the privilege of proving that His doctrine is practical for everyday life and produces real benefits. And it is only in the doing that we will know that it is of the Father.

There is a balance to his teachings. For example in Luke 12:4-7, he taught that we shouldn’t fear men that can only kill the body, but the One that after death has the authority to cast the soul into hell. Even the devil doesn’t have that power, God is the only one that can do that – fear him. But Jesus went on to teach that God doesn’t forget about even one sparrow and he has all the hairs on our head counted. So Jesus taught, ‘Fear not, because we are of more value to God than a sparrow and he cares for us more than we know how to care for ourselves. A balance between the fear of God and the love of God, and the need for both in our lives.

We believe all of the teachings of Jesus, understanding that taking only some of His words or words out of context can lead one astray.

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